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In his debut book, author Simon M. Miles offers an entirely new perspective on one of the most compelling mysteries of our time. He documents an investigation over more than twenty years into the "affair of Rennes", a tangle of puzzles that has fascinated readers and researchers alike for half a century. A minor riddle of local history centred on a tiny village in the south of France became a global phenomenon, yet its secrets have remained tightly sealed. Until now.

Amongst a sequence of breakthrough original insights, "The Map and the Manuscript" reveals for the first time the traces of a remarkable artefact of the ancient world, a geometrical complex laid out with impressive accuracy and at large scale between certain peaks, churches and châteaux in the landscape of the Pyrenees mountains. This discovery leads to a far-reaching exploration across a rich expanse of topics, from sacred geography to French poetry, from alchemy to dreams, from the Temple of Delphi to the streets of Paris, from hidden designs in old books to secret codes in manuscripts.

While no prior knowledge is required or assumed, for those familiar with the many questions surrounding the twin villages of Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains, this book will come as a revelation. It includes complete solutions to core riddles at the heart of the affair, including the famous parchments and the mysterious book and map written by the local priest. It also reveals the true identity of the author of the enigmatic poem "Le Serpent Rouge", and opens this obscure yet deeply significant work to understanding at last.

Richly illustrated with over 140 full-colour images, "The Map and the Manuscript" decisively resolves several longstanding literary and esoteric problems in the affair of Rennes, and also makes a significant contribution to a wider reappraisal of the capabilities of landscape architects in the ancient world. A mystery is solved, while an even greater one is revealed.


Published by Ignotum Press, Manchester UK, 2022.


Paperback ISBN: 9781739734701

Hardback ISBN: 9781739734718

Kindle ISBN: 9781739734725

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