Here is a video of presentation I gave at the Bases Conference 2017 on the subject of crop circles. I've been interested in the topic since the early 1990s. Like many, I was intrigued by the possibility of some kind of non-human origin for the phenomena, but after a sequence of events which began in 2009, I had a profound shift in my thinking. 

I became fascinated with stories about people 'requesting' crop circles, and having their designs subsequently appear in the fields. 

I slowly came around to the realisation that the vast majority, if not all, crop circles are man-made. However, this did not by any means eliminate the mystery. 

In this talk, I present a case study on a particular cluster of crop circles, around Barbury Castle, Witshire.

I show how these have some remarkable features in common. In particular, there are extraordinary correlations with certain eclipse cycles. In addition, there are pieces of information contained in the designs which could not have been known at the time by those who made them.

In short, I have come to the conclusion that the source of crop circle designs point to an unacknowledged feature of human consciousness, a kind of internet of the human mind.

My talk resulted in invitations to meet with various identities in the crop circle community. I learned from these encounters that it is well known amongst the inner circles that all of the crop circles are man-made, but there is somewhat of a conspiracy of silence around the topic. There was considerable anxiety and even hostility around suggestions that humans were responsible for the designs in the field. It seems that there are many people highly invested still to this day in the possibility that crop circles represent some kind of communication with an unknown non-human agency.

For me, the identity of that party is no longer a mystery: the crop circle makers are us. We are the ones who have been talking to us, but we have not necessarily been listening to ourselves. 

Here below is the talk I gave in 2017.

Finally, here is a research report on my findings in pdf format.