July 2022

The result of more than two decades of research, The Map and the Manuscript tells the story of my investigations in the Affair of Rennes. 

It includes many new and original insights and discoveries, and contains the definitive solutions to some of the core mysteries around the Rennes-le-Château enigma. 

What's it about? Much more to be revealed soon, but in the meantime:

It's a book about puzzles and puzzle-solving.

Maps, dreams, alchemy and surrealist poetry.

Ancient landscape, Delphi, Paris, the south of France.

It's about geometry, crytography, cartography.

Coded parchments, encrypted maps.

It's a real life puzzle solving detective mystery and the solution to a nest of unsolved historical puzzles.

Coming soon, 22.7.22, a new contribution to an ancient mystery. 

Available for pre-order now from The Great British Bookshop in both hardback and paperback editions.